Will my nanny do my cleaning?

Many families come to me and ask if they employ a nanny will they also clean for me. The simple answer is of course no, the nanny is qualified in childcare, they take a pride in their job and they simply adore looking after children, educating and nurturing them into the little people they become. If they enjoyed cleaning someone’s house chances are they would have chosen to be a housekeeper and not a nanny.


Nursery Duties- these are what I tell families a nanny is responsible for, it’s normal that a nanny does actually clean and tidy up. They constantly clean up after children, cleaning surfaces, changing children’s beds, children’s laundry, mopping the floor after dinner has been dropped, deep cleaning toys, high chairs, prams and car seats and filling and emptying the dishwasher.


For most nannies nursery duties are where it ends, they would rather be collecting leaves for leaf collages, making flowers from play dough, reading books, playing at the park and making dens in the playroom. They don’t want to be cleaning families en suite, cleaning daddy’s office or cleaning a carpet in the dining room. Once parents think about it they come to realise yes they do want a nanny to play with their children and make them the number one priority rather than a child sitting watching TV whilst the nanny is cleaning a bathroom on another floor.


Well what if my child sleeps for 2 hours, can’t my nanny clean my house during that time? Yes I suppose they could, but this time is usually spent catching up on all of the nursery duties needed, making purees, preparing dinner for the evening, cleaning and sterilising bottles, deep cleaning a high chair, getting the children’s laundry done, planning activities for later in the week or writing in the daily diary. Remember you child won’t always sleep for 2 hours and then that happens, when would the nanny clean?


My children are at school and I don’t need my nanny full time anymore, can they clean my house now? Chances are yes they might for a term, then they realise they miss the time spent with children and quickly start looking for another job. It’s just the way it usually turns out unfortunately.


So how about a nanny/housekeeper. Yes this is absolutely what you need, a nanny who is very comfortable to clean, maybe the children are in school or nursery, maybe parents are home and do 80% of the childcare themselves. A nanny/housekeeper will indeed cover all the aspects you need, chances are this will be a cleaner who then undertakes the childcare tasks asked of her rather than a qualified nanny.


Something to remember- would you ask your cleaner to change your children’s nappies or play in the garden with them? If the answer is no then the chances are you shouldn’t ask your nanny to clean your bathroom either.