Types of Nanny

A full or part time Nanny will be experienced and qualified to care for children either sole charge or working alongside parents. Nanny duties tend to include carrying out a set routine or establishing one for the child/children, including cooking healthy and nutritious meals, taking to and from school/nursery, keeping the children’s areas clean and tidy including washing of children’s clothes and helping nurture the children’s developmental stages with age related activities. Nannies can be live in or live out depending on your needs and the desires of the nanny.

Mothers Help
Generally carried out by a newly qualified nanny. Sharing the role of caring for the children alongside the parents. An extra pair of hands during the school run with a baby at home and helping out with children’s duties around the house.

Generally for those families with older children in school who would like to have help keeping the house in order whilst the children are at school. Someone who can do school runs and provide a meal in the evening whilst still engaging in ensuring all the children’s developmental stages are met.

Maternity Nanny
Specialised nannies likely to be on duty 24 hours a day 6 days a week, help settling baby and establishing a routine, available day and night to help not only baby but also ensure parents needs are met. Generally 1-12 week placement.

Night Nanny
Working 12 hours over night to attend to child’s needs whilst you rest. Can work alongside parents to advise and establish a suitable night time routine for baby/child.