Previous Nanny Recommends

Previous Nanny Recommends

We have all seen the job descriptions where the last passage reports that the family are known to the agency and their previous nanny recommends, does this help or hinder in your thought process?

Personally the positions that state the family are known to the agency make me wonder why, why hasn’t one nanny settled in the position and why are they seeking a new nanny?

It’s important to remember at the interview stage you shouldn’t feel awkward about asking for their previous nanny experience. Yes nannies do leave due to personal reasons and of course some jobs don’t work out, but the key questions to ask would be these-

  1. Why did your last nanny leave?
  2. How long did you have them for?
  3. How many nannies have you had?
  4. Would it be possible to speak to your previous nanny?

Finding out previous nanny history might just ease your mind over a few issues you may have with the position, it can be a great insight into the children and hearing from their previous nanny could help in learning what the children like to do and the routine they might already have set in place.

Having a handover with a current nanny is advisable and quite often more beneficial than doing the first couple of days with a parent. The children should be comfortable enough with the original nanny to spend time with you and let you join in with their routine.

From previous experience I have been the nanny replacing a nanny going off for a career change, I got so much out of the few hours I spent with her and she told me so much about the family and the children that I felt I had a bit of a head start going in the following week, although having said that she did raise a lot of concerns and I did wonder just what I had got myself into!

Ask as many questions as you need to and don’t feel bad at doing so. Wouldn’t you rather know the whole story than half a story?