Halloween At Audley End Trains

This Halloween I took two very excited under 5’s to visit Audley Ends Halloween train special.

Personally I wasn’t expecting much, having done the ‘little trains’ years ago and spotting teddies on the journey round, I expected this to be pretty much the same, although swapping teddies for the odd witch and ghost.
How wrong I was, from parking to leaving it was a spellbinding experience for all three of us. The decorations were amazing and so much time and effort had gone into the whole event I can’t praise them enough. From moving giant spiders in the café to the scary train conductor with excellent makeup we were all mightily impressed and totally got us in the mood for trick or treating.

Having pre booked tickets, we were fast tracked to board the train first with our complimentary felt goody bags in hand we took our seats and waited patiently for the rest of the passengers.

Now I must admit, two under 5’s armed with a goody bag and nothing in it did lead to lots of “when will we get sweets in them, when can I eat my sweets, will they throw the sweets, and will I have to find the sweets?” But a little patience and the distraction of Michael Jackson blaring out at us and we were soon on the move.

Once moving it became a competition to see who could spot the ghosts, ghouls, witches, pumpkins first. With lots to see everyone was very happy and excited……..although still asking when the sweets would be coming!

Past waving people, through tunnels, walking zombies who started to chase after us, we arrived at our destination. Now this was a huge surprise to all three of us. Having no idea what the Halloween train involved you can only imagine how excited we all were to stop off at the Witches village and then be entertained by 5 or 6 all singing and dancing witches. A Broadway show right in the middle of our little train ride, well it suddenly went from 2 stars to 5 stars (yes ok, I’m easily swayed by anything with the slightest musical show element to it)
The boys sat watching, and only once asked when the sweets were coming, the witches did their little show, with a cauldron and a spell they soon concocted up some sweets to pass round to all the children (and adults should they so wish) so we now have happy boys…….well semi happy apparently 3 mini packs of love hearts was quite below their expectations, I think a couple of bags of haribo might have impressed them far more. I myself partook in some love potion from a slightly worse for wear witch; I have to say I’m still waiting for the potion to become effective!
So with the show over the driver restarted the engine and off we head back to the station. Happy boys with their small stash of sweets and busily looking out for more pumpkins, witches and zombies we arrive back as very happy customers.

Were there any downsides you ask? Well for me the park is slightly lacking, but then this is a train ride and not a park so maybe I am wrong to moan. As always the café items are overpriced in places like this, but overall for £25.50 for the three of us we certainly had a very enjoyable afternoon out and some fantastic bags for our own trick or treating the following evening.
Newnham Nannies Audley End
Now to decide on booking for the Christmas special!